Male sympathetic pregnancy (couvade syndrome)

Male sympathetic pregnancy (couvade syndrome)

Mom's not the only one experiencing pregnancy symptoms. Couvade Syndrome, also known as male sympathetic pregnancy, is the medical term for symptoms men feel during their wife's pregnancy.

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Male sympathetic pregnancy (couvade syndrome)

Though mom sports the big belly, dad might also experience symptoms of pregnancy. Many 'pregnant men' will experience weight gain, vomiting, queasiness and appetite changes. The medical term for this phenomenon is called "Couvade Syndrome". The healthcare industry has yet to fully understand this unique condition.

The term Couvade is derived from the French word couvee, meaning 'to hatch'. The term 'couvade' is now synonymous with the term 'sympathetic pregnancy'. Doctors are still debating whether Couvade Syndrome' is a psychosomatic condition (brought on by psychological stimulus) or a mechanical condition. Though initially thought to be a psychosomatic condition, research indicates males living with pregnant females will experience elevated levels of prolactin, cortisol, estrogen and testoterone levels. This would indicate a mechanical condition.

Unfortunately for the men suffering from 'Couvade Syndrome', only one remedy has been found for this disease - child birth! You're symptoms will soon disappear once mom gives birth. But with all medical conditions, seek medical help if needed. You're one of the many men to experience Couvade Syndrome!

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Male sympathetic pregnancy (couvade syndrome)

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