Paternity leave for men

Paternity leave for men

Taking paternity leave allows new parents time to welcome their creation into the world. Get the details on how men can take paternity leave.

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Paternity leave for men

Expectant dads will soon be enjoying the best of both worlds. With paternity leave, he can get time away from work and enjoy the birth of his child. This is too good to be true!

Paternity leave allows an expectant dad to take time away from work at the time of the birth (or adoption) of his child. Unlike paternity leave for women, this time off is rarely paid leave. However, a growing number of companies are paying dad during his family leave.

If dad works for a company with more than 50 workers, U.S. law mandates he can take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year to celebrate the birth or adoption of his child. But dad will need to notify his employer 30 days before he begins his leave. And fear not, federal law protects dad from losing his rank in the company while on paternity leave!

Most fathers can use their vacation time or sick days as part of their family leave. He'll still be getting a paycheck to support his (growing) family!

So how do you find out what paternity leave options are available to fathers? Contact the human resources department, or equivalent, at the expectant dad's place of work. They'll have all the information on taking family leave.

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